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Top ten talk in Tucson

In case you are wondering about what radio talk shows people in Tucson are listening too, here’s a break down of the top 10.

There 3 different stations represented here.  I think it is safe to say that KNST (aka “K-nasty”) is a strong conservative station, with Rush, Hannity, Parisi, and Beck filling their airwaves.  Jon Justice, also a conservative (see below), is from KQTH.

The rest of the list is made up of KUAZ shows, the local NPR station. NPR has been increasing in membership lately… there is hope!

Half of the 10 highest rated programs on talk stations are on the University of Arizona-owned station. Clear Channel’s KNST has four in the top 10 and Justice’s show is the only show to make the top 10 on Journal Broadcast Group’s the Truth.

via Media Technology : A change of channels and Glenn Beck finds his audience in Tucson

Regarding Jon Justice, please enjoy the following video he made mocking Isabel Garcia, humanitarian who works with human rights issues in Tucson, AZ. You decide for yourself what to call it.


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Is Green the new Red: Mining

Navajo Generating Station

The following article discusses how dependent Tucson is on something we never really think about.


It also addresses the impact on our need for mining on the people who live near the mines, such as the Navajo and Hopi in northern Arizona, who continue to live impoverished lives while coal companies extract their resources, use the water in the aquifer, and leave environmental damage behind.  Higher incidences of cancer are also occuring.

Is Green the new Red: Mining

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Why guns on campus is a bad idea

As a math instructor at the UA, I really really don’t like this. A few years ago a student killed 4 people in the Nursing department… if I remember correctly one was a teacher who was teaching the class at the time.

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Why AZ is as bad as Michigan?

Plus, comparing Tucson to Detroit is just wrong… them’s fighting words!

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Is Green the new Red, part I: Water

I once heard about a survey that was conducted many years ago.  A group of elementary school children were asked “if all the dairies in America shut down, where would you get your milk from?”  The students responded:

“From the store.”

This story illustrates a fundamental issue in society today, and that is a severe disconnect with the sources of what sustains life.  As long as things are well and resources abundant then there is no problem until, of course, when it is too late.

When I recently drove through the sacred land of northern Arizona, through the Navajo reservation and through places like Monument Valley, and Canyon de Chelly, I wondered to myself:

Are we any different than the school children in the story above?

Full story: Is Green the new Red, part I: Water

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NAU’s a lumberjack, yes they are

This is an interesting turn of events. It turns out that NAU is pimping out its football team to save the school. By playing the UA, or Ole Miss in two months, the team will earn over $410,000…

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Tucson’s thunder tracking nerds save tens of thousands of humans in hurricane

This Thanksgiving, one of the things Obama should be thankful for is the technology coming out of Tucson and how without it a political career can be ruined.

Today we look back at where we have come, and look forward to the Tucson technologies that are being used to save countless lives.

via Tucson’s thunder tracking nerds save tens of thousands of humans in hurricane

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