The Devil’s Horne – TUSD student protest

This is the Tucson students response one day after HB2281 is signed into law. 15 people were arrested, including 4 minors.

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Das final solution to the immigration problem

The mathematics of immigration:

Remember fellow patriots, that never before has the world seen the most powerful economy of the continent devasted by a two-front war, so our placing of blame of the current recession on a group of people will be shown to be the right solution, and history will validate Das Final Solution!

And nevermind the cost, or all the empty houses and apartments, labor disruptions or loss of their spending dollars… we will finally reclaim this country for the true Americans… the European immigrants.

Das final solution to the immigration problem

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Tucson’s response to SB1070

A compilation of multiple events immediately following SB1070 being signed into law, with some inspiration from Chuck D.

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You can find the link to the original FB video here.

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The new AZ math law

Now the pendejos in the AZ state legislature are going after mathematics?

The Arizona state legislature is implementing a series of new laws meant to increase efficiency in the Arizona mathematics department.

Head of the state Senate appropriations board, and author of SB1070, Russell Pearce launched an investigation into possible cost cutting measures that could help save the state money in these tough economic times.  He says the results of the study are shocking.

The new AZ math law

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This is a story you should all know

I think this story is very telling, and since no one else is covering it, I will.  And what I write can be used by any news source, because a story this sexy should be on the news!

I will keep it short and simple. This is a story about Steve Montenegro who lives in Arizona.

Who is Mr. Montenegro?

Mr. Montenegro is a pastor of a Pentecostal church in Phoenix.  He is also an immigrant and was born in El Salvador.  Most of his church congregation are so called “illegal aliens.”  And many of his congregation is now calling for him to resign, and some of his fellow pastors are calling for his resignation also.  Why?

Because Mr. Montenegro, despite being the spiritual leader of a group of good God-fearing Christians, and deriving an income from these same people, is also a politician.  But not just any politician!

Mr. Montenegro is also a member of the Arizona state legislature.  What party affiliation do you think the person described above has?

You would be wrong if you guessed Democrat, because congressman Montenegro is a hard-core Republican, and lately has taken to the airwaves to voice his support for Russell Pearce’s SB1070.

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So this raises an interesting dilemma don’t you think? Here you have a staunch Republican pastor politician who is supporting a bill that would deport most of his brothers and sisters in Christ!

But why hasn’t he called the Border Patrol on them before?

Why is he profiting from illegal immigration?

What kind of pastor would call Border Patrol on his congregation? So why would Montenegro, in his role as state legislator, support a bill that would tear apart the lives of real living breathing human beings and their families?

Who will they turn to for spiritual guidance when they face deportation?

And why would they put up with this vendido anymore?

The good news is that they aren’t, and they want him to resign now! And so do other pastors!

When your loyalty to your party or country supersedes your role as minister to all of God’s children, regardless of race or nationality, then you’ve sold your soul… and what good does it do to gain the entire world, when your own soul has been lost?

As Paul Harvey would say: and now you know… the rest of… the story… Good day 🙂

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KGUN 9 on your side, but with math we have no pride

Today we will take a deeper look at KGUN’s math… and to be honest… I’ll just let this screen capture speak for itself 🙂

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What KVOA 4 calls “balanced” coverage

It’s time to dust off this blog site of mine… and there’s been a lot to talk about lately!

Today my point will be very simple.  I recently posted a comment on KVOA 4’s Facebook page about their “fair and balanced” coverage of the recent May Day rally last weekend.

My claim is very simple… the fairness-in-coverage card is pulled out when convenient.  So here’s a look at two recent big rallies on opposite sides:

May 1st: May Day rally at Armory park

Over 7,000 people in attendance including deans, professors, celebrities, politicians, civil/human/labor rights activists… a gathering of educated people who were also there to show their strong opposition to SB1070.

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There were less than 40 counter-protesters there, or less than 0.6% of the rally attendees (also note what image they decided to use for the video).  KVOA literally states in the video segment below that since they are “fair and balanced” they will show both sides of the story, and thus gave the counter-protesters equal time, or about 200x times more air coverage per person, on average.

KVOA responded that issues are tough, and there are two sides, so they devote equal time to both sides, stressing the balanced coverage… So I decided to look just a few weeks ago at the

TEA party rallies on April 15th

How fair was their coverage?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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For one there was only 1500 in attendance at the TEA party.  And what was the time breakdown?

  • The May Day was a 3:14 segment, with 1:37 going to the pro-event
  • The TEA Party was a 1:38 segment, with 1:20 going to the pro-event

At the TEA party rally, less than 20% of the time was given to the “other side”, whereas at the May Day event it was 50-50… and this is what KVOA calls “balanced” coverage.

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