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Update on bioscience park: the ABCs

Update on bioscience park: the ABCs

The stimulus funds are being used for infrastructure improvements to the vacant lot, but the area will be used for more than just bioscience.  Another look at the map reveals that this just fills the northeast corner of the entire lot.  What could possibly go on the other side of “Tucson Marketplace Blvd?”

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Apology for Turing, founder of computer science

But I didn’t know the following shocking news… kinda sad that we treat great people this way because of “morality.”

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Bioscience Park will be a boost for southside of Tucson… or not

Obama’s stimulus plan includes $4.7 million for infrastructure improvements to build the Arizona Bioscience Park on Tucson’s south-side.

This can be a sorely needed boost for the economy on the southside, or another example of the massive gentrification taking place all over Tucson…

Bioscience Park will be a boost for southside of Tucson… or not

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Tucson Science readers are smarter, sooner

This last week two articles written here have shown that Tucson Science readers are the first to learn about the important research being done in the Old Pueblo before others.

via Tucson Science is ahead of the news.

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Mexico Decriminalizes Drugs

Our neighbors to the south are much more enlightened than US on this issue.  And why does this picture make my mouth water? 🙂

Mexico last week enacted a law to decriminalize possession of small amounts of all major narcotics, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and crystal meth. Anyone caught in Mexico with two or three joints or about four lines of cocaine can no longer be arrested, fined or imprisoned. However, police will give them the address of the nearest rehab clinic and advise them to get clean…

via Mexico Decriminalizes Drugs; Law May Be Example for U.S. – TIME.

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Jose Hernandez: From Farm Worker to NASA Astronaut

When he was younger, Hernandez used to pick tomatoes and cucumbers side-by-side with his Mexican parents, who found employment in California as migrant farm workers in order to make ends meet for him and his siblings. It was a thankless, difficult job, and his parents—who were only able to complete the third grade themselves—made sure to emphasize the importance of education. It was a lesson Hernandez took to heart…

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The prayer heard around the world…

and that went unanswered.

I want to be one of the first to document what just happened.  Maybe no one else will care, but I saw it unravel before my eyes.

Apparently there was a drag racing accident between a BMW and a Lexus and the BMW got into an accident.  A 12-year old boy, Avi Amenov, was in the back seat of the BMW and Avi had to be pried out using the jaws of life.

Earlier today I started seeing Facebook status updates asking people to pray for Avi as he clung to life, and to update your own status update with that message.  But some of my friends who aren’t mutual friends started posting the same thing.

It went viral.

But all those prayers didn’t matter.  I guess the reality of racing and crashing has more impact than prayers to the invisible man in the sky, or in outer space, or wherever he or she is… or it?

Anyways, Avi died.

My purpose in this is not to debunk prayer.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.  But in this case it didn’t, and a 12-year old boy died.  But it’s not God’s fault either.  This is what happens when you race in a BMW and crash it…

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