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Breaking news?

Below is a snapshot of BREAKING NEWS on!


Things must be okay if the top breaking news is about a singer in a TV show contest.  Or maybe it’s a distraction… the economy, Pakistan, nuclear weapons… just a few of the things in small font to the side.

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Ph.D. Food Gathering


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Ph.D. Sustanance


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Arpaio’s bad math

This tough man nonsense is actually putting us at more risk. We got rid of Bush, now it’s time to get rid of Arpayaso!

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Ph.D. Perseverance Poster

Inspirational poster for those seeking their Ph.D.s!

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Happyhour in the genes

The newly discovered happyhour gene that goes with the cheapdate and hangover genes this lab found earlier. Yes these are the actual names, and they may help cure alcoholism!

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Historical irony

I like this story because it is ironic. I’m not taking any sides, but I wonder if the people in Sahuarita can see the historical irony as well!

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Pastor Melissa Scott… I love this story!

This is a crazy story, but I like it. I first became aware of it on the following site before doing my own research into it.

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Why Finding the Best Isn’t Worth It

In the delightfully sophomoric movie Clerks 2, Randal tells Dante, “Odds are there’s someone out there who’s a better match for you than the girl you are about to marry.” Even if Dante engaged in the most thorough possible search for a wife (which he certainly didn’t in the movie), Randal’s statement is correct.

via Why Finding the Best Isn’t Worth It – Freakonomics Blog –

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Secret meeting of US billionaires

The richest people in the US gather… it was kinda cool to see Oprah Winfrey there with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!

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You are what you eat

I put this together on Tuesday, with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It shows the price of different foods and beverages over the last three decades. The price of each food or beverage is set equal to 1 in January 1978, and the chart then shows how the price has changed since then.

The price of oranges, to take one extreme example (not shown in the chart), has more than doubled, relative to everything else. So if in 1978, a bag of oranges cost the same as one big bottle of soda, today that bag costs the same as three big bottles of soda.

via What’s Wrong With This Chart? – Economix Blog –

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Rushing to conclusions

Let’s see if Limbaugh (or Hannity) can go a month without mentioning any of the following words:

Obama, Pelosi, Liberal, Socialism, etc… who exactly is it that makes their living off bashing the other party?

Olbermann and Maddow were strongly critical of Obama’s stance on torture… I don’t remember Fox News ever criticizing Bush.

Limbaugh also suggested that the network may not be able to withstand a ratings plunge if mentions of him were pulled from the network.

“Let’s see if you can run your little TV network for 30 days without doing a single story on me, and then let’s take a look your ratings during those 30 days and see what happens,” he said. “Because obviously MSNBC thinks they cannot get numbers without focusing on me.”

“I just want to see if they can survive on their own.”

via Rush Limbaugh challenges MSNBC: Don’t mention me

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Is secret service needed here?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they opposed certain issues instead of making the whole goal to attack the President no matter what? What happened to the patriotism? I wonder if this warrants a look by secret service…

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Mexican drug cartels in the US

I don’t know how to embed this since it’s an application, but the link below takes you to an interactive map of drug cartels in the US.

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Robots are the new scientists

There’s something about the last paragraph in the excerpt I include below that doesn’t seem right… amazing technology, but still sticking it to the grad students!

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Getting drunk faster!


Contrary to the industry’s position that visible drink labels will promote responsible drinking, young people are, instead, using these visible standard drink labels to increase or even maximize the amount of alcohol they consume at the lowest cost possible.

According to a new study, young people in Australia have very high awareness of standard drink labeling. However, this was predominately to help them choose the drinks that would get them drunk in the shortest time possible. The labels also served as guides, ‘advising’ them on which drink would reduce the time needed to get drunk and the least amount they would need to drink – hence getting the best ‘value’ for their money.

via Youths Use Alcoholic Drink Labels To Choose Strongest Drink At Lowest Cost.

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GOP was not always anti-abortion

We forget sometimes that the GOP was not always like this. Not that long ago, we had pro-choicers like Barry Goldwater. Or Ronald Reagan, Act One. Or George H.W. Bush, who was pro-choice before he was pro-victory.

The northeast quadrant of the country was once home turf to pro-choice Republican women from Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger to Barbara Bush. Now we are down to two female Republican senators from Maine who may yet be banned from taking communion with their fellow congressional parishioners.

This purge has led me to wonder what would have happened if the first abortion case to arrive at the Supreme Court were not Roe v. Wade. What if it had been brought by the woman who did not want an abortion?

Susan Struck was an Air Force captain, a nurse, when she got pregnant in 1970. Her commanding officer gave her two choices: abortion or resignation.

Struck picked a third: lawsuit. Ginsburg, then an ACLU lawyer, argued that the regulation banning pregnant women from service was sex discrimination. She also argued that Struck’s right to bear or not bear a child was her personal choice.

The case was heading to the Supreme Court when Solicitor General Erwin Griswold figured that he was going to lose. The solicitor advised the armed services to change the rules and the case became moot.

Today, it is mind-bending to think about how different the whole debate might have been if the first Supreme Court case arguing for the right to decide had been brought by a woman wanting to have a baby.

Would we have better understood this reality: a government that can force a woman to have an abortion is the same government that can force a woman to continue the pregnancy? Would it have changed a Republican Party that was traditionally so wary of government power grabs?

via A good time to recall Goldwater’s abortion view

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Blood of Christ… denied!

The Blood of Christ can save lives and get you into heaven… but it can’t stop the spread of swine flu!

The Catholic Diocese of Dallas’s churches are offering hand sanitizer to their attendees along with holy water. I guess they finally realized that holy water wasn’t good for anything but spreading sickness:

Church officials are also not going to offer the communal wine during Mass. During the service, parishoners accepting Holy Communion drink from the same cup.

via Holy Hand Sanitizer

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Supreme Court justice Napolitano?

Among those under consideration is Homeland Security Secretary and former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano. Others are Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and U.S. Appeals Court judges Sonia Sotomayor and Diane Pamela Wood. California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno is also under review by Obama.

via Napolitano reportedly among Supreme Court contenders | ®.

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Life a fundamental consequence of organic chemistry

He has solved a problem that for 20 years has thwarted researchers trying to understand the origin of life — how the building blocks of RNA, called nucleotides, could have spontaneously assembled themselves in the conditions of the primitive earth. The discovery, if correct, should set researchers on the right track to solving many other mysteries about the origin of life. It will also mean that for the first time a plausible explanation exists for how an information-carrying biological molecule could have emerged through natural processes from chemicals on the primitive earth

Scientists have long suspected that the first forms of life carried their biological information not in DNA but in RNA, its close chemical cousin. Though DNA is better known because of its storage of genetic information, RNA performs many of the trickiest operations in living cells. RNA seems to have delegated the chore of data storage to the chemically more stable DNA eons ago. If the first forms of life were based on RNA, then the issue is to explain how the first RNA molecules were formed

The spontaneous appearance of such nucleotides on the primitive earth “would have been a near miracle,” two leading researchers, Gerald Joyce and Leslie Orgel, wrote in 1999. Others were so despairing that they believed some other molecule must have preceded RNA and started looking for a pre-RNA world.

The miracle seems now to have been explained.

“My assumption is that we are here on this planet as a fundamental consequence of organic chemistry,” Dr. Sutherland said. “So it must be chemistry that wants to work.”

via Chemist Shows How RNA Can Be the Starting Point for Life –

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