Evolution of video games and violence… but not what you are thinking!

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Here’s an interesting slant to the video game and violence debate, which I’m not even going to talk about here, but rather evolution…

In a galaxy far, far, away, or at least a long time ago, there was a nerd.  The nerd’s name was Nolan Bushnell and he revolutionized the current world we live in.  You may never had heard of him, but he was the guy who created this thing called home video games and started a little company called Atari… and I’m not joking around when I say he revolutionized the world.

How the 2600 forged the home video game future.


Atari runs the world, from the movie Blade Runner

Nolan then decides video games need to be played more.  So he starts a company called Chuck E. Cheese so that families could start playing more video games.  From video games came Chuck E. Cheese.

Now we have the kid’s birthday place restaurant that we all know and love.  Well, in Tucson it’s either this or Peter Piper Pizza, or a carne asada in the backyard with a jumping castle.  And I’ve always thought these kid’s birthday parties kinda strange.  You have everyone getting all dressed up like they are going to the club or something.  It’s 1pm in the afternoon and you got girls with their hair did, plenty of perfume, and dressed in clothes that leave little to the imagination.  Vatos got on their tres flores, locs, and are on the prowl for a firma hina.

And all this taking place at pizza restaurant for kids!

When the tokens run low you have kids banging on joysticks, hanging from them, and then wonder why the race car game doesn’t work when you put in your own tokens.  Kids spent countless quarters in exchange for some cardboard tickets that you exchange at the end of the day for a plastic pirate’s eye patch, or some other plastic toy fresh off China’s assembly line of lead.

To top it all off, you have alcohol being served.  What is the modern day human to make of all this?  You are at a kids birthday party and your prima’s best friend is turning everyone on with her miniskirt, kids are running around fighting over games, alcohol is in your system, and guys are ogling your ruca!

So is it any wonder that more altercations start at Chuck E. Cheese than at biker bars?  There is some more evolutionary instincts kicking in here:

The environment also brings out what security experts call the “mama-bear instinct.” A Chuck E. Cheese’s can take on some of the dynamics of the animal kingdom, where beasts rush to protect their young when they sense a threat.

Stepping in when a parent perceives that a child is being threatened “is part of protective parenting,” says Frank Farley, a psychologist at Temple University and former president of the American Psychological Association. “It is part of the species — all species, in fact — in the animal kingdom,” he says. “We do it all of the time.”

via Calling All Cars: Trouble at Chuck E. Cheese’s, Again – WSJ.com.

And thus we can conclude that from Chuck E. Cheese you get violence.

And there you have it.  Because of human evolution, you start out with a video game and end up with violence by use of a simple syllogism.


Example:  If the above proof wasn’t enough for you, I offer Evidence B below:



Proof that Chuck E Cheese leads to violence!


It is rumored that after eating there, the man in the picture above went on to be responsible for tens of thousands of deaths around the world… next time be sure he has enough tokens.  And by tokens I don’t mean Colin Powell or Condi Rice!


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