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Phoenix hates on Obama at Notre Dame

What sin exactly is Obama committing? A sin of opinion?

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Sad sad science

This case is important for many reasons. I have always asked why in our lab we don’t study more Native American DNA. The response from everyone, even those who are just visiting from other schools, is always just two words, “Terry Markow.” I decided to look into this.

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Game Theory and Genetics coalesce

Two of my favorite topics, Game Theory and Genetics, come together in the modern age

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Southern Arizona and drug searches… enough is enough!

Southern AZ makes it to the Supreme Court again this year… for the same thing, drug searches.  This one involves a 13 year old honors student who had to strip buck nekkid, and didn’t have anything.  The drug they were searching her for?  Prescription strength ibuprofen!

SAFFORD, Ariz. — Savana Redding still remembers the clothes she had on — black stretch pants with butterfly patches and a pink T-shirt — the day school officials here forced her to strip six years ago. She was 13 and in eighth grade.

An assistant principal, enforcing the school’s antidrug policies, suspected her of having brought prescription-strength ibuprofen pills to school. One of the pills is as strong as two Advils.

The search by two female school employees was methodical and humiliating, Ms. Redding said. After she had stripped to her underwear, “they asked me to pull out my bra and move it from side to side,” she said. “They made me open my legs and pull out my underwear.”

Ms. Redding, an honors student, had no pills. But she had a furious mother and a lawyer, and now her case has reached the Supreme Court, which will hear arguments on April 21.

via Strip-Search Case Tests How Far Schools Can Go –

People hate on Tucson and Southern AZ, but the rest of the country owes us a debt.  We’re the ones that don’t take this violation and take our case to the Supreme Court!

Miranda rights comes from an Arizona case also…

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What evolution is not

This is a nice list of what Evolution is NOT

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The Mexican Evolution

Along with the US’s desire to control the western hemisphere’s resources comes the responsibility to deal with the complications of problems that exist here…

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Fears over ‘designer’ babies leave children suffering

MADELINE Kara Neumann, age 11, died of diabetes because her parents prayed rather than taking her to doctors. Caleb Moorhead, age 6 months, died after his deeply religious vegan parents refused a simple vitamin injection to cure his malnutrition. The list of children killed by their parents’ superstition or wilful ignorance is a long one.

Most people are rightly appalled by such cases. How can parents stand by and let their children die instead of doing all in their power to get the best medical care available?

Yet this is precisely what society is doing…

via Fears over ‘designer’ babies leave children suffering

I would add vaccinations to the list… wake up guys!  Measles is making a comeback.  What you (meaning your kids) could have gotten away with before won’t be the case anymore, especially if there is a (very likely) outbreak in Tucson in the near future…

and no, your kid won’t get autism as a result!  But he/she may very well get a disease that will cause more harm than necessary.

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Top 10 Time Lapse Videos of Nature at Work

Here are Wired Science’s picks of the best time lapse videos of nature at work.

via Top 10 Time Lapse Videos of Nature at Work

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Religion, medicine and evading death

The correlation is strong, and I’m sure this means something…

You might expect the religious to accept death as God’s will and, while not hurrying towards it, not to seek to prolong their lives using heroic and often traumatic medical procedures. Atheists, by contrast, have nothing to look forward to after death, so they might be expected to cling to life.

In fact, it is the other way round…

via But not yet, Lord

Perhaps the following might lead to a meaning:

Explaining the unpleasantness and futility of the procedures does not seem to make much difference, either.

Aha!  Facts don’t matter to the religious, and changing their minds, even if for their own good, is not an easy task…

But we already knew this, since religion is not about facts, but about faith…

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Don’t underestimate Mexico’s economic influence on the USA

I think that Americans need to stop with the “we are almighty and don’t need anyone else” mentality. Everyday more and more of America is being owned by foreigners… we don’t even own the wars we fight anymore.

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Dead Sea Scrolls – fact or fiction?

It’s amazing the amount of time and energy spent on the perpetuation of illusions we know as religion.

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He’s Steele the GQ!

I know the new head of the Republican party will be voted out soon, but I’m starting to take a liking to him. He really is trying… but he is trying to do the impossible.

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Pope thinks because he never used one, neither should anyone else!

What the hell does the Catholic church have against condoms being used to save lives? Jesus ain’t the only thing that can save lives… and for reals? Putting some latex on your hands is okay, but putting it on your penis isn’t? Really?

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The metric conversion process is roadkill

I saw the use of the metric system on I-19 not as the end, but as a hopeful beginning.

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Oh no P. Didn’t!

The nerds at Stanford try to unlock the secret inside the genes, and yet still fail to win J. Lo’s heart.

Regulatin’ Genes

How you tell a cell it should be in the spleen? Or your lung? or your tongue? Yo, you regulate it’s genes.

Wanna talk about development? Of a single cell into a gentlemen?  Then pay attention to your head when it knocks, because it grew there thanks to HOX.

Unbelievable?  Ain’t no embellishment.  Regulatin’ genes is crucial to development.

Shoutout to the latest from the peeps out in Palo Alto, keep ya heads up homies, ya start with rapping the genes and one day will be tapping the genes…

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Finally Tonight, Jesus Video

There are many Jesus sightings in Mexico, but there he goes by the name that sounds like “Hay-Soos.”

Finally Tonight, Jesus Video

Who are we to take away people’s belief in Jesus appearing on a pile of filth, or in a Cheetos, “Cheesus.”

Who are we… but rational human beings!  It’s time to move beyond this.  We don’t even know what he looked like… basically any long-haired man with a beard looks like Jesus.


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Evolution of video games and violence… but not what you are thinking!

And there you have it. Because of human evolution, you start out with a video game and end up with violence by use of a simple syllogism…

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In the beginning… one last chance

The number of people remaining at the end of the century will probably be a billion or less.

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