Jimmy john protest

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Jimmy john protest

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The future of the First Amendment in Arizona [HQ]

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Randy Parraz stance on issues videos

Question: Why are you running for US Senate?

Question: What qualifications or experience do you have?

Question: Why are you here at this DREAM Act rally?

Question: What do you think about the immigration issue?

Question: What do you think about SB1070 & HB2281?

Question: What are your thoughts on ethnic studies?

Question: Why do you think you are the best candidate for US Senate?

Randy listens to members of TUSD and the UA on ethnic studies at Arte de mi Pueblo event.

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DREAM Act rally at McCain’s Tucson office – conclusion [HQ]

The conclusion to a long day

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DREAM Act protest at McCain’s Tucson office

Gross violation of First Amendment… since McCain’s office is leased from a private owner, that landlord can decide who has access to the Senator. Watch if you don’t believe it!

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KVOA flat out lies, and why it matters

Ethnic studies is important because of many reasons. You can’t just erase thousands of years worth of history, of culture, of ways of living. Especially when this knowledge is what has sustained people in the arid desert for so long!

I attended the TUSD rally against HB2281 which included art, poetry, theater… no arrest were made, nothing “exciting” for the media, but all in all a very beautiful event!

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But this was too boring for the media. They aren’t used to seeing brown youth have an intelligent display of creativity, of exercising the very American rights that they are talking in ethnic studies, youth who are reclaiming their identity in the xenophobic state and time we live in.

KVOA had a horrible story… so horrible they had to rescind the video from their website, and offered the following as their excuse… but they did not apologize.

And they still claim there is a controversy… which only exists in their mind because they are the ones that created it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    The police killings of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have drawn attention to policies backed by Republicans that have perpetuated racism and voter suppression, says our guest Rev. Dr. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP and Moral Mondays leader.
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  • Moral Mondays Leader Rev. Barber: Release Video of Keith Scott Shooting, It Belongs to the Public
    For a third night in a row, protesters chanted "release the video!" as they took to the streets and called for police to release video of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. His grieving family has been shown the dashboard and body camera videos of his fatal shooting, but Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney says he had no plans to release the video […]
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  • Headlines for September 23, 2016
    Tulsa: Officer Who Killed Terence Crutcher Charged with Manslaughter, Charlotte: Protesters Demand Police Release Video of Keith Scott's Killing, Politico: Trump Paid $8.2M of Campaign Money to His Own Businesses, Trump Ohio Campaign Chair Resigns After Racist Comments, 75 Former Diplomats: Trump "Entirely Unqualified" to Be President, Leaked […]
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  • Connecticut State Troopers Unwittingly Film Themselves Fabricating Charges Against Protester
    Did Connecticut state troopers unwittingly record themselves fabricating charges against a protester? That's what a new lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Connecticut claims. On September 11, 2015, Connecticut resident Michael Picard was reportedly peacefully protesting at a traffic checkpoint in West Hartford when state trooper John Barone walked over to Pic […]
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  • Rashad Robinson: Let's Implement Stop-and-Frisk on White Billionaires Like Trump
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  • Tulsa Still Faces Historical Trauma from 1921 Riot That Left 300 Dead on Black Wall Street
    As protests continue over the police killing of Terence Crutcher, we look at how Tulsa, Oklahoma, is no stranger to racial strife. On May 31, 1921, a white mob killed as many as 300 people, most of them black, after a black man was accused of assaulting a white elevator operator. Over two days, white mobs set fire to homes, businesses and churches in Greenwo […]
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  • Protests Call for Arrest of Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby for Fatal Shooting of Terence Crutcher
    We go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the community is reeling over video footage showing a white police officer shooting and killing 40-year-old African American Terence Crutcher while his hands were in the air. "They released the footage Monday, and this is day six. We’re at a standstill. No arrests," says Marq Lewis, founder and a community organizer […]
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  • State of Emergency: Charlotte NAACP & Protesters Demand Police Release Video of Keith Scott Shooting
    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has declared a state of emergency in the city of Charlotte, where protests continued for a second night after Tuesday's fatal police shooting of 43-year-old African American Keith Lamont Scott, the father of seven children. Police say Scott "posed an imminent deadly threat," but Scott's family says he w […]
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  • Headlines for September 22, 2016
    NC Gov. Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests over Police Killing, No Charges to Be Filed Against Officer Who Killed Mother Korryn Gaines, Donald Trump Calls for Nationwide Stop & Frisk Program, Suspect in NY & NJ Bombing Flagged by Feds Twice in 2014, Hundreds Call for Release of Olowan Martinez, Arrested Blocking Dakota Access Pipeline, South A […]
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  • The Argument Against Anthropogenic Climate Change Is On Drugs [Greg Laden's Blog]
    First, a note on Lewis Carrol, Alice and Wonderland, and drugs. The current revisionist version of that work is that Carrol was not referring to drugs when he has Alice or other characters imbibe or smoke various substances (including ‘shrooms) and in so doing experience dramatic changes in reality. Uh huh, sure. The argument is…
    Greg Laden
  • Reducing gas emissions…from cows [Life Lines]
    No joke: California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to regulate ‘gas’ emissions from cows along with other sources of greenhouse gases, of course. According to an interview from NPR, dairy cows are the number one producer of methane in California. The problem with methane is that it is a major component of smog, although according to scientists at the Uni […]
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  • Extreme Physiology: Radiation tolerance [Life Lines]
    Don’t let their small size fool you. Tardigrades, or ‘water bears’, are really tough animals. According to a review published in the American Scientist, these microscopic invertebrates can survive extreme variations in temperature from near absolute zero (-459 deg F) up to +302 deg F. They can also tolerate pressures that are 6 times greater than the deepest […]
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  • Science Books For Early Readers [Greg Laden's Blog]
    We went to the local library the other day to find books in the range appropriate for Huxley to read. It isn’t sufficient to say he’s in the first grade. Between preschool and second grade, there are (in English, anyway) probably about four or five levels of reading ability, and kids move through them fast.…
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    There was a dead rabbit in the middle of the road today. I suspected such a thing, nearby, just out of sight, and edible, because I noticed some crows taking off whenever a car went by. Then, when I went over, I could see the rabbit that they were feasting on between drive-bys. I had…
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  • What do “peeps” and “yo-yos” have to do with diving? [Life Lines]
    Until now I had assumed that a “peep” was that squishy sugar-covered marshmallow treat that we enjoyed as kids and a “yo-yo” was a toy on a string. As it turns out, peep and yo-yo are also term used to described types of diving patterns. A square dive is one in which there are no excursions to the surface, known…
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  • The cost of male pheromones [Life Lines]
    A new study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University examined the costs of reproduction in roundworms, otherwise known as C. elegans. They discovered that male roundworms can send two kinds of pheromones that prime females for reproduction. One type of pheromone they studied sparks the onset of puberty in young female worms while the other prolong […]
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  • Science Questions for the Candidates [Greg Laden's Blog]
    ScienceDebate.org is an organization that, for years now, has been pushing to get the candidates running for President of the United States to engage in a debate over science policy, just as they debate foreign policy, or economic policy, etc. And, ScienceDebate.org has had some success. Some of the candidates, at the primary level, have…
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