Jimmy john protest

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Jimmy john protest

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The future of the First Amendment in Arizona [HQ]

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Randy Parraz stance on issues videos

Question: Why are you running for US Senate?

Question: What qualifications or experience do you have?

Question: Why are you here at this DREAM Act rally?

Question: What do you think about the immigration issue?

Question: What do you think about SB1070 & HB2281?

Question: What are your thoughts on ethnic studies?

Question: Why do you think you are the best candidate for US Senate?

Randy listens to members of TUSD and the UA on ethnic studies at Arte de mi Pueblo event.

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DREAM Act rally at McCain’s Tucson office – conclusion [HQ]

The conclusion to a long day

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DREAM Act protest at McCain’s Tucson office

Gross violation of First Amendment… since McCain’s office is leased from a private owner, that landlord can decide who has access to the Senator. Watch if you don’t believe it!

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KVOA flat out lies, and why it matters

Ethnic studies is important because of many reasons. You can’t just erase thousands of years worth of history, of culture, of ways of living. Especially when this knowledge is what has sustained people in the arid desert for so long!

I attended the TUSD rally against HB2281 which included art, poetry, theater… no arrest were made, nothing “exciting” for the media, but all in all a very beautiful event!

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But this was too boring for the media. They aren’t used to seeing brown youth have an intelligent display of creativity, of exercising the very American rights that they are talking in ethnic studies, youth who are reclaiming their identity in the xenophobic state and time we live in.

KVOA had a horrible story… so horrible they had to rescind the video from their website, and offered the following as their excuse… but they did not apologize.

And they still claim there is a controversy… which only exists in their mind because they are the ones that created it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    For the first time since 2011 I haven’t got any teaching this autumn semester, which is really bad both for my finances and for my troop morale. (I feel like my colleagues would celebrate or not even notice if I got eaten by a grue tomorrow.) To boost both I’m instead seeking paid extramural speaking…
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    America. Democracy. Decency. Thoughtfulness. Everybody and every thing, it feels like. Everyone is upset this morning about Trump’s comment that he will wait and see about the results before he accepts them. His comments are deplorable and astonishing, but I think they are also a distraction. If he ignores the results, it may be a…
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