Jimmy john protest

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Jimmy john protest

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The future of the First Amendment in Arizona [HQ]

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Randy Parraz stance on issues videos

Question: Why are you running for US Senate?

Question: What qualifications or experience do you have?

Question: Why are you here at this DREAM Act rally?

Question: What do you think about the immigration issue?

Question: What do you think about SB1070 & HB2281?

Question: What are your thoughts on ethnic studies?

Question: Why do you think you are the best candidate for US Senate?

Randy listens to members of TUSD and the UA on ethnic studies at Arte de mi Pueblo event.

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DREAM Act rally at McCain’s Tucson office – conclusion [HQ]

The conclusion to a long day

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DREAM Act protest at McCain’s Tucson office

Gross violation of First Amendment… since McCain’s office is leased from a private owner, that landlord can decide who has access to the Senator. Watch if you don’t believe it!

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KVOA flat out lies, and why it matters

Ethnic studies is important because of many reasons. You can’t just erase thousands of years worth of history, of culture, of ways of living. Especially when this knowledge is what has sustained people in the arid desert for so long!

I attended the TUSD rally against HB2281 which included art, poetry, theater… no arrest were made, nothing “exciting” for the media, but all in all a very beautiful event!

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But this was too boring for the media. They aren’t used to seeing brown youth have an intelligent display of creativity, of exercising the very American rights that they are talking in ethnic studies, youth who are reclaiming their identity in the xenophobic state and time we live in.

KVOA had a horrible story… so horrible they had to rescind the video from their website, and offered the following as their excuse… but they did not apologize.

And they still claim there is a controversy… which only exists in their mind because they are the ones that created it!

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  • In First Solo Press Conference, Trump Attacks Media, Claims Admin Running Like "Fine-Tuned Machine"
    On Thursday, Donald Trump held his first solo press conference as president. He began by announcing he had nominated Alexander Acosta to be labor secretary nominee, but then soon began an extended attack on the media, accusing CNN and other outlets of peddling fake news. We air excerpts of the press conference, which went on for 77 minutes.
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  • Headlines for February 17, 2017
    President Trump Assails Media in Combative, Rambling News Conference, "Day Without Immigrants" Protests Target Trump Immigration Crackdown, President Trump to Issue New Order on Refugees, Muslim Travelers, Protesters Call for Release of DACA Recipient Daniel Ramirez Medina, Trump Opponents Stage Nationwide "Strike4Democracy", Trump Nomina […]
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  • What did the President know, and when did he Know it? [Greg Laden's Blog]
    Below is a nice video from Move On Dot Org, as well as a link to a petition of theirs. I would like to take this opportunity to caution everyone who is trying to figure out what is going on in the White House to avoid being misled by confusion, ignorance, or intentional misdirection. I…
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  • The Meaning of Antebellum Politics in America vis-a-vis the Current Collapse of The Republic. [Greg Laden's Blog]
    I am reading Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin, whom you may know from her occasional and always informative appearances on various TV news shows as a ranking Presidential Historian. I started reading it because I wanted to see in some detail what was going on in American…
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    Happy Valentine’s Day! Inotocin is the insect form of the so-called “love” hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin, as you may know, is responsible for inducing labor in pregnant women. A recent study published in Scientific Reports describes the work of a team of researchers that created a synthetic version of inotocin which could bind to both oxytocin and vasopressin r […]
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  • Climate change is real, it is a problem, and it is getting worse [Greg Laden's Blog]
    The year 2016 was messy and expensive and full of climate change enhanced weather disasters. There were, according to Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, over 30 billion dollar disasters last year. This is the fourth-largest number on record going back to 1990, said insurance broker Aon Benfield in their Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report…
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  • Comments of the Week #147: from spacetime’s nature to the strangest moon of all [Starts With A Bang]
    “Sometimes I even now feel like a stranger in my country. But I knew there would be problems because I had seen the world… Freedom is good, but it is not easy.” -Katarina Witt Yes, as always, as another week goes by at Starts With A Bang! there have been a huge number of great stories we’ve…
  • America is part Mexican [Greg Laden's Blog]
    The Dogs Still Bark in Dutch I grew up in the old Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, now known to you as the State of New York. There, I carried out extensive archaeological and historic research, and along the way, came across that phrase, “the dogs still bark in Dutch.” It is an idea that…
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  • Neil Gorsuch: to the right of Scalia? [Greg Laden's Blog]
    Neil Gorsuch is a significant and meaningful choice for SCOTUS. The image above is not fake, it really is his Harvard Law yearbook photo. If he was a Democratic pick, that one image would end him. Since he is a Republican pick, democrats have a Big Tent instead of a spine, and Republicans have no…
    Greg Laden

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